Monday, July 22, 2019

Week 1, Term 3

It's great to see everybody back today looking well and rested. We kick off the term with a busy week ahead.

Interviews: Tuesday and Wednesday. If you have not booked an interview you can still go onto and make a time. 
Book Fairfrom Ashton Scholastic (Lucky Books) is running from Monday to Thursday this week. The books are on display in the hall which is open from 8:30 - 9am and then again after school.
Friday = Dress up as your favourite book character and bring the book to share. There will be a parade starting at 11am.
School Mass: Room 6 and 5 will lead the Mass this Wednesday at 9am. You are all welcome to attend.
Cross Country: The school competition will be held next Wednesday 31st July at 1pm. In preparation for this we will be using daily fitness time to bring our running skills up to speed. Please wear sports uniform and running shoes from now until the cross country.  Mr Yeoman is the organiser of this event and will be delighted to hear from you if you are able to help as a track marshall on the day.
Mass Sunday 28th July 9am  A number of students will be baptised this Sunday and it would be wonderful if some of our families could attend to support these children. 
Family Ski Days: have been booked for Wednesday 7th August and Wednesday 4th September. Watch the newsletter for further information. Families can head for the snow for a day and pay school rates.
Spelling Alive: Children have been retested and some may have moved up a level. Please ensure they are revising these each night.
Reading: Mrs T is taking Reading groups for this term while I withdraw groups of children for the Spelling Success programme. Your child may bring a journal story home or they are expected to read something of their own choice for 15-20mins each night. 
Twitter Chapter Chat:This term's book is The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. If you have a copy, your child may like to bring it to school to read along with me. 
Skool Loop: From tomorrow we will be using the Skool Loop app for all notices, absences and communication. Be sure to download the app so you can access all school information from your phone. 

Thank you and have a great week 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Coronet Peak Ski Camp

21 June, 2019

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We have decided to make some minor changes to our ski camp, to best meet our goals. This involves balancing out the numbers for our Room 6 camp.

We will now have the first group of 14 children skiing Monday and Tuesday and the second group of 14 children skiing Tuesday and Wednesday. Both groups will be a mix of year 4 and 5 children, as our focus is on developing and enhancing relationships in our classroom.

To those parents who have volunteered to help and will be attending the meeting on Monday night, we will have information about costs as well as tentative groups so you will know which days you will be required.

Just so you are aware the school is also planning to arrange a school ski day in Term 3, where discounted rates are also available.

Many Thanks
Neroli Laidlaw

Week 9,Term 2

Hi Everyone,

We have a busy last couple of weeks.

This week we will be listening to the Poetry Eisteddfods.  

The Year 4's will start presenting their Poems in class tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday morning the top 8 will then say their poem to Room 4 and then Mrs  Dwyer and I will select the children for the final Assembly.

The Year 5's will present their Poems on Thursday afternoon with Room 5, and Mrs Lerew and I will select those for the final assembly.

Ice Skating starts this week- Tuesday and Thursday. Room 6's session is 10.40-11.20, the bus will leave school at 10.15am and will return at 11.35am.

Children need to bring a warm jacket, socks, waterproof trousers or ski pants, helmet and gloves to school and can wear their Sports uniform on these days.
If there is anyone around who is available to come down to the ice skating rink to help children put on their boots, I would really appreciate the extra helping hands. 

Ukulele will move to Wednesday for this week.

Matariki Breakfast - This Friday morning at 7.30am in school hall. Bring along your breakfast. Toasters and hot drinks will be available. 

Thank you

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Week 8 Term 2

Thank you very much to the parents who have offered to help out at ski camp. We now have plenty of volunteers for Year 4 group.

I would really like 1 more person for the Year 5 group even if you are a non-skier and could be camp mum/dad :)

This week we have-

Monday - Kapahaka
Tuesday - Ukulele
Wednesday - School Mass and Wig Wednesday. 
Wig day will be held on Wednesday the 19th of June. You can wear a wig, decorate your hair, or wear a hat. There will be prizes for the best hair, the best wig and the best hat.
We will be having a bake sale alongside the BBQ. We would appreciate any donation of baking items for this eg lollies, cakes, biscuits. Baking will cost 50c - $2.00. Please wear mufti and bring a gold coin donation. Your child will need extra money if they wish to buy some baking. Money raised will go to the Child Cancer Foundation.  

Hopefully, all children have selected a poem for classroom Eisteddfods next week, and are busy practising. 

In weeks 9 and 10 we have ice-skating lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So check your child has a warm coat, waterproof trousers, gloves, and a bike helmet all ready.  

Have a great week

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Change of Ski Camp Dates

Hi Everyone

My apologies but I have had to move our days back a day.

So they are:

Year 4 - Mon/Tues 19/20 August 
Year 5 - Tues/Wed/Thurs 20/21/22 August 

We would still like some more parents too please. 

Many Thanks


Sunday, June 9, 2019

Information for Poetry Eisteddfod

Poetry  Eisteddfod

*  Using poetry, recite/perform a chosen poem making meaning clear by using appropriate speech and delivery.

Name:  __________________                             Title: ___________________

Audience suitability
Marker Comment

Room 6 Poetry Eisteddfods will be heard in Week 9 of this term.
You will need to recite the poem in a way to make the poem come alive, as the poet meant it to be when read aloud. We are looking at performing the poem rather than just reading it.

Chosen poems should be of a reasonable length - 16 to 20 lines is a good length.
The performance is scored out of 50:

   10 marks for the introduction - state the title, the poet, some interesting facts about him/her if you have some. Why you chose this poem? The meaning you take from the poem?

   10 marks for the preparation - how well have you learned it? What ideas have you used to perform it? Do you bring any props?

   10 marks for diction - how clear are the words? - can we understand all of them? and can we hear them all?

   10 marks for audience suitability - Room 6 are the first audience, and later the whole school - is this a poem that suits this audience? I know that we all enjoy humorous poems, animals, adventures, narrative poems that tell a story, and ones with interesting nonsense words. Many people also seem to enjoy poems that have a clear rhythm and rhyme.

   10 marks for the overall presentation - this is the pure performance and entertainment factor.

Week 7, Term 2

Hi Everyone,

It's week seven already and we have a busy few weeks ahead.

Firstly, children are welcome to bring slippers to wear in the classroom for the winter months.
They may also bring a cushion or pillow that can be kept at school for our regular meditation sessions. 

In weeks 9 and 10, Tuesday and Thursdays, we have 4 ice-skating lessons scheduled. Times to be confirmed. 

Now is the time to select a poem for the Eisteddfod Assembly which will be on Thursday afternoon, week 10.

Week 10 - we are leading School Mass on Wednesday morning with Room 5.

Next term we will be going on ski camp to Coronet Peak!!!!!
This is in week 5. 
Year 4 - 2 days/1night - 19/20 August
Year 5 - 3 days/2 nights - 20/21/22 August 

If you are interested in joining us as a parent helper PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP as you will need to be police vettedWe need 4-6 weeks for the vetting to be cleared. Vetting lasts for 3 years, so some of you may be covered from previous camps. 

This week is pretty straight forward, other than on Tuesday I will be away on a First Aid Course. This has to be up to date for our camp next term. 

Have a great week.
Kind Regards